Funny and Cheesy Food Lines

Food pick up lines for chefs, cooks and foodies. You never know when you'll knead one.

Top Food Related Lines

Java number I can call you up at?
I can feel something brewing between the two of us.
Honey, are you a coffee? 'Cause you wake up my senses.
I wonder what temperature your oven is, cause you're pretty hot.
Are you a pizza? Because I don't want to share you.
I'm missing a key ingredient for my pizza, and that's you.
Do you like Pizza Hut? Because I want to stuff your crust.
Baby are you a personal pizza? Because you were made just for me.
Are you the pizza guy? Because you sure can deliver.
Like Little Caesar's pizza I'm always hot and ready.
I like my pizza like I like my men. Deep.
If I don't get your number, I'm going to fall to pizzas.
I want to give you olive my love.
Want to hear a joke about pizza? Never mind, it's too cheesy.
Well it's not my fault that you stole a pizza my heart.
I spelled out your name with the pepperonis.
Are you pizza because I want a piece of you.
Excuse me, are you a pizza? Because you're hot.
Do you like mushrooms because I could mush you in a room.
Are you a pizza box? because I can't wait to get your top off.

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