Funny Lines by Occupation, Profession or Trade

Whatever the occupation, we're got the pick up lines to break the ice. It's always nice to know that someone understands your profession, so using pick up lines that make you relate will break down walls and put them at ease.

Top Lines by Occupation

I've got the ship, you've got the harbor, wanna tie up for the night?
Are you seaworthy? Because I'm going to ride you till dawn.
Are we head-to-wind because I think I luff you.
Once you cock my revolver, it'll inevitably go off.
I'll play good cop if you'll play bad?
You'd better cuff me officer; I don't have planning permission for this erection.
You are all assets and no liabilities
Hey, I am a firefighter, I run into burning buildings to save a complete stranger, imagine what I would do for you.
Don't prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.
I save babies, puppies, and kittens. And I look forward to saving you from a boring life!
First rule for a patient is to remove all restricting clothing, can I go ahead and start now?
Play with fire and you end up burnt, play with a firefighter and you end up wet.
Is that a pole shed, or are you glad to see me?
Wanna come over Friday night and till my fields?
My roses aren't the only things with long stems.
You're a fine piece of acreage.
You can treat me like a stack of hay, and you can bale with me.
Of all the beautiful faces I just can't look pastures.
I wish I could harvest you at peak season.
A tractor? That's what I'm trying to do!

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